Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The new Times New Viking album, Rip Off, rewards those who liked the way The Dead C and Royal Trux's Twin Infinitives sounded, but always lamented the fact that there were no songs there. TNV's music straddles the noise-rock line between the unlistenable and the euphoric. Their wild card is that if you find one song to be crappy, it's short enough that the next one is just around the bend.

Track-to-track, the album's so tightly stitched together that it's difficult to single out a favorite song. Today, I like "Mean God". It's one minute, thirty-eight seconds long, with no more than 2 - maybe 3 - chords, and some dumb lyrics ("put those bloody hands away/I suspect foul play/and have all day"), but it's catchy as hell.

And, really, that's all you can ask from "dumb rock". From The Ramones and Andrew W.K. to Guided By Voices and Linkin Park, the lyrics are only there so you can sing along with the melody instead of just humming it. Humming rock music ain't fun.


Anonymous said...

the album is called Rip It Off.
and i don't believe that
Andrew WK, Guided By Voices,
The Ramones, or Linkin Park
have nearly enough in common
to throw them in a group
you seemed to have dubbed "dumb rock". what?

Scottlidn said...

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