Thursday, January 17, 2008


The moxie of perverts stuns me...

A dude in England ordered a mannequin from a web site thinking it was a s*x doll.

Then he put his thingy in that hole where merchants usually put the display rod, and got stuck.

Then, without hesitation, he called the manufacturer to complain!:

"After freeing himself, he made an angry call to us to complain about the user friendliness of the female bust and that it was not what he had ordered.

"The fact that one of our display busts has been used in an unusual fashion has stunned and embarrassed the entire sales team."

We've just added these busts to our range and we normally expect some initial teething problems but not in our 30 years of business have we experienced such an incident.

"We are now going to place a warning on the new display bust section to prevent such ludicrous situations from happening again."It's so bizarre that we have to warn people that our mannequins are for display use only and not for recreational use." (London Paper)

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