Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The January-early February block of weeks is typically a dump time for films, but for music, it's just..... kinda..... S L O W.

[NOTE: Ok, so Radiohead's In Rainbows got its "solid matter" release yesterday, but... USUALLY!!!]

Which isn't really a bad thing, because January can give you a month to cleanse, buy some used CDs, and pull out some pre-2007 albums off the shelf.

As I get older, the shoebox in my skull is getting fuller, and longer, so it's not as easy to play memory recall as I could when I was 22. ("Friend: Quick, what's the # 7 track on Bakesale?", " Pfft, 'Magnet's Coil'...duh!" Now it's like "ummm....uhhhhhh....let me check Wikipedia...").

Which isn't really a bad thing, because it kinda makes older music fresh again! I listened to Clinic's Internal Wrangler on a quick snag-grab yesterday and it was awesome! "Internal Wrangler", "T.K", "2/4", ... and "Distortions" is just plain perfect. For the first time I kicked around the idea the song is about abortion:
"I've pictured you in coffins/My baby in a coffin/But I love it when you blink your eyes/Oh I, I want to know my body/I want this out not in me/I want no other leakage/I want to know no secrets showed/I leave, oh I leave, now I leave care/Free of distortions, free of distortions, free of distortions."

And last Saturday, the wife and I pulled out the 3 Belle and Sebastian EPs to listen to on the way to brunch and Target. I got busted with a glare from a walking bystander for listening to "Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie" really, really loud in the car. I guess that's the Austin, TX hiptser equivalent of blowing "F*ck The Police" out your sub-woofers in South Central L.A. (circa 1989).

Show of hands that agrees 3...6...9 Seconds of Light is the best of the B&S EPs???


Mandy said...

I'm inclined to agree, although I think most Belle and Sebastian EPs are fantastic. Oh, and the cover of 3..6..9 Seconds of Light is adorable. Did you know that the boy on the cover is a young Stuart Murdoch?

Also... six or seven years ago, when I was working at Cargill, my boss gave all of us make-your-own coffee mugs... you know the ones where you take the mug apart and insert a paper with your own design on it? I decorated mine with a printout of the graffiti that inspired the song "Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie" and an advertisment for Tigermilk. To this day, I still use that mug for my pens and pencils at work.

Victor said...

There's no way not to rock out to that song - or at least rock out as much as you can to a B&S song.

I agree with that 3.6.9 is the best EP, but This is Just a Modern Rock Song and Dog On Wheels ("String Bean Jean" is one of my favorite B&S songs) are both very good. I love that some of the best B&S songs are found on EPs.

Fox said...

It's funny you mentioned that being Stuart on the cover b/c I noticed that for the first time last night (is that Isobel next to him ???? ... in love since the beginning!)

And remember the B&S coffee mug you gave me? It stills works! :)

And Dog on Wheels is damn good. I think the song "Dog on Wheels" is underrated - or is it? I just never hear it kicked around in B&S talks. But I love it.

Can you rock out to "Legal Man" too, or is that just of a get-on-down-funky-style song? Oh! And I think you can KINDA rock out to "Dirty Dream # 2".

Victor said...

"Dog On Wheels" has a great bass line playing in the background.

"There's Too Much Love" used to be one of the favorites dance to at the Britpop dance night Gabi and I used to go to in Boston (you can't really rock out to strings). I even remember Stuart dancing to it at the first B&S show in Austin that Mandy and I went to.

Now, I want to listen to the whole B&S catalog.