Tuesday, January 01, 2008

# 1 FAN

I thought I was hardcore....

As a kid (er...teen, er...ok, pushing twenty) I would obsessively watch Houston Oilers football games in my room alone. Let me expound on that:
1. Nobody could come in my room while the game was on. NOBODY.

2. If I came out of my room during a commercial break, and the Oilers were losing, you weren't allowed to talk to me.

3. I held either a bunched up pair of socks or Nerf football that I would throw around the room. This happened for about 30 minutes after this game and this game.

4. If the Oilers lost, I wouldn't do anything for the rest of the day because I was too upset.
But I never went so far as to wear a Warren Moon jersey every day for 4 YEARS STRAIGHT! My gosh... what would the girls think!?!?

But this kid obviously doesn't care:

David Witthoft admits that one more growth spurt will probably force him to stop wearing his Brett Favre jersey.

Witthoft is the 11-year-old Connecticut youth who gained national attention in 2005 when it was disclosed that he wore his Favre jersey every day since it was given to him at Christmas 2003.

Well, he just passed the four-year mark, having worn the jersey for 1,466 consecutive days, and celebrated with his family by coming to Green Bay for Sunday's Packers-Lions game.

"I thought I would keep wearing it as long as I could get it over my head," Witthoft said after attending his first Packers game. "But I'll probably take it off in the next year, certainly. Then I'll hang it up in a frame or maybe send it to the (Packers) Hall of Fame."

His mother, Carolyn, washes the jersey every two days and has had to do some mending when the jersey became a little frayed. She's anxious for the day when her son finally decides to end the jersey marathon.

"I'd like to see how he looks in red," she said.

Keep it up kid, just don't let your heart break like mine did at the end of this season....

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