Friday, December 07, 2007


I guess I was lucky, cuz me and my two sisters (I'm in the middle...) grew up actually liking each other. The only time we fought was over the car, and even then we'd cry and get our "I'm sorry"s out in about 4 minutes. We're good that way. We've got forgiving blood flowing in us.

They've both nailed their goals and, to this day, continue to pile on over achievement after over achievement. Me? I'm a little slower (I may be a fox, but I move like a tortoise...), but my wife tells me I'll get there someday...

So... let me clear my throat and give my older sister and my brother-in-law a(nother) plug (they are both awesome chefs - pictured above):

Egil Valentine calls his job creative catering.

As the executive chef of his catering company, Macondo, Valentine's creative use of food requires ingredients and equipment that might look more at home in a laboratory than in a kitchen. Valentine demonstrated for me some techniques used by the modern chef that are somewhat flippantly referred to as molecular gastronomy.

Valentine was fully prepped to begin his demonstration when I arrived at his house, but he started by giving me a crash course in molecular gastronomy.

"Molecular gastronomy is techno-cooking. If you think of mango, you think of mango, but a chef like me thinks mango in seven different forms: a gel, a foam, a powder - you understand?" the chef asked.

Valentine continued, as I imagined mango foam.


Following the molecular gastronomy cram session, Valentine took me into the kitchen where his wife, Amy Osborn, helped the creative caterer get ready. Osborn is the other half of their catering business - the pastry chef and Valentine's muse, he said.

The rest of the article is HERE and their catering company, Macondo, is HERE.

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