Saturday, December 15, 2007


Ok... time for the weekly low-brow post...

Three teens in St. Louis walked up to the door at Walgreen's, opened it, slung a bag of liquidy poop into the air, and took off. (I say "liquidy" b/c the news story says it "splattered", and another source - yes, I even double-check my poop news! - said it was "dripping"...).

Unfortunately it hit a pregnant woman and broke all over her:

"When the bag hit, it broke open, and poop went flying," Damke said.

One of the teens opened the door, while another tossed the bag inside, Damke said. Its contents splattered a pregnant woman shopping in the store.

The 17-year-old defecated in the bag and handed it off to a 14-year-old boy, who tossed it in the store, Damke said.

I think Senators Claire McCaskill and Christopher Bond need to go on a Sunday talk show crusade, this weekend, and call for the banning of all "Poop Gag" movies and to start with the godfather of them all.... Billy Madison!

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