Friday, November 16, 2007


In Santa Barbara, John Travolta was given an award - for some whoknowswhatorcares crap, and then proceeded to tongue-kiss Kirk Douglas... poor ol' timer! I love Kirk Douglas! Travolta should have been more aware of what he was doing because Douglas is a stroke victim for chrissakes! I mean look at the poor man's eyes!!! It's like he's staring into the abyss... or the mug of a fat, gnarly, freaky dude.

And what's going on with the hands there???...

Kirk's got a freakin' death grip on that award while John looks like he's tweaking the old man's fingertips. What a perv! And that hand on the back!?!? That might be the creepiest. Do you think Travolta may shooting some Scientology serum in Douglas' mouth? Like... that's the way they convert people, or something? Like Body Snatchers???

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