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Scott (aka El Gringo) is hosting a unique blog-a-thon this weekend. It's unique in that he is not requiring us to write anything new in order to contribute! It's the "Best Post" Blog-A-Thon: each blogger picks their best work for a kind of Anthology of American Blogging 2008.

I also like to think of this as the "Hey Scott, thanks for giving me an excuse to not have to think of original material to post for one day!"-Blog-A-Thon.

Below is my contribution. Last year, I decided to live blog the first season of Silver Spoons (I only made it through 8 episodes...) because I thought it would be an opportunity to explore the dichotomy of pop culture trends in the Reagan-era versus the .... PFFFT!! Nah, it's cuz I used to love Silver Spoons, and I have a blog, and I'm anti-social, and I'm just retarded enough do something like that.

Please leave comments too. The more accurate your recollections of Silver Spoons are, the better I will be at being able to gauge your age. After that, go over to He Shot Cyrus and enjoy the other great entries.


LIVE BLOGGING the First Season of Silver Spoons
(Episodes 1-8)


EPISODE 1 - pilot episode

10:46 - Uh oh...only 1:38 in an there is already a questionable "indian" joke!!! But a black man (the lawyer) made the joke so that takes some pressure off.

10:48 - Whoa! Mr. Stratton (the dad) just called the black lawyer a "pimp". I think the audience was a little unsure. Man, the 80's ruled!

10:51 - Mr. Stratton is out of money, but we don't know why yet...

10:52 - Hey Ooooh! Some racial and political humor as Ricky shows up cold at the dad's house.

Black Lawyer (answering the door)
Ricky : "Dad??"
Black Lawyer : "Not unless your from Philadelphia."
(BIG laughter)
Ricky: "Well, I thought it was a's a liberal!"


10:57 - The mom put Ricky in a military school? But she's a liberal?!? Maybe she was a limousine liberal...

10:58 - Oh my god....there is Kate. I thought she was so hot when I was uh...about to hot puberty.

11:03 - Ricky is sad b/c Mr. Stratton says he can't stay there.

11:08 - Ricky figured out that Mr. Stratton's assistant was stealing money from him.

11:13 - Back at military school. Jason Bateman (Derrick) is Ricky's roommate.

11:15 - Mr. Stratton takes Ricky in.

MORAL - If you have sex with a liberal, wear a condom...or at least pull out.

EPISODE 2 - Boys Will Be Boys

11:19 - more pilot awkwardness. Ricky is older, Kate is hotter!

11:21 - Black Lawyer has a facial tick. Whenever he delivers a joke he clinches his jaw...

11:23 - Ricky is in trouble for being late and the dad ponders "punishment" for the first time!

11:25 - Whoa, an Idi Amin reference by Ricky?!?!?

Ricky (on Derrick - Jason Bateman) : "Dad, Derrick's a creep! He used to write fan mail to Idi Amin!"

11:30 - Derrick is manipulating Ricky...telling him his dad doesn't really love him if he never punishes him.

11:36 - Ricky goes buck wild and finally gets punished! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

11:39 - TOTALLY FAKE tears on Ricky's freckled face!

MORAL - Kids want to be punished. Kids want boundaries.

EPISODE 3 - Grandfather Stratton

11:44 - Rick Shroeder's Boston accent just eked out..."Grandfahthuhr".

11:49 - Ricky wants to meet his grandfather against his dad's wishes. He's manipulating Kate with his puppy dog eyes to get the address...

11:53 - John Houseman (Grandfather) and Rick Shroeder actually have some rapport with each other.

11:55 - This episode totally sucks!!!....I feel bad for John Houseman having to read this dialogue.

***NOTE*** Sit-coms were longer back then. This show runs 24 minutes compared to today's running time of 20 minutes. More ads today, I presume...

11:59 Is this where the "kids are wiser than the adults" sit-com trend began? My dad hated that about Family Ties.

12:01 - do do do...dum de dum...yawn.... (I wonder if that White Stripes album is good? I can't wait to listen to it tomorrow. That Rihanna cd sounded pretty good on the way home tonight...)

MORAL - It's never too late for father and son to bury old hatchets.

EPISODE 4 - Me and Mr. T

12:06 - Hell yeah!! They make up for that dreadful last episode by following it up with a Mr. T storyline!

12:07 - It's Ricky's first day of school, and dad gives him a $100 bill for lunch money b/c he's new at this "dad stuff". That is so funny.

12:10 - Uh oh...Ricky has a black eye b/c he's the "rich kid"!

12:12 - Kate gives Ricky a rape whistle in case he gets picked on again.

12:13 - SWEEEET! Dad hires Mr. T to be Ricky's bodyguard!

12:18 - Mr. T explains "no taxation without representation" in Ricky's class.

12:26 - Uh oh...Mr. T comes out of the kitchen eating a bucket of chicken! uh??

12:29 - The multi-ethnic class stands up to the bully and teach him a lesson.
MORAL - Sometimes kids need to stand up for themselves.

EPISODE 5 - Takin' A Chance on Love

"Here I am/A tot-al loser/Watching the 5th episooOODE/of Silver Spoons..."

12:34 - The 80's sex term of "whoopie" just made it's first appearance.

12:35 - Kate is going on a Singles Cruise. Dad is jealous but won't let on...

12:37 - Ricky thinks something is wrong with his dad b/c he doesn't date. He tells his dad he understands a man "has needs", and that he does too "but he's too young to do anything about it" (he just made the "hourglass body" hand gesture). Kinda perverse...

12:38 - Holy crap!! It's the girl from Can't Buy Me Love!! She was so hot! I don't mean on this show!! Geez...I meant later in life when she was in that movie....gawd!

12:40 - Jason Bateman is back! ... and Ricky has it bad for the CBML girl.

12:44 - Dad is dressed up as Cyrano DeBergerac for a ball he's going too. How appropriate.

12:46 - I just laughed, earnestly, for the *first time*!!!...

12:48 - Uh Oh...Bateman is up to his manipulatin' again ("Sally is every guy's pal-y"). Whoa he pretty much just called CBML girl a whore!!

12:53 - Ricky is wearing a pink belt.

12:55 - This milkshake at Hilarious Hal's is called a "Slurp and Suck". hmmmm....


MORAL - Heartache is part of growing up.

EPISODE 6 - Evelyn Returns

1:28 - Ricky's mom shows up...

1:28 - She's wearing gloves w/ sleeves. I mean, really.

1:29 - Kate is kinda jealous...

1:32 - Uh oh. Evelyn wants Ricky back (remember, she's a liberal...wishy-washy on responsibility).

1:36 - Ricky's Dad and Mom were only married for 6 days, and Evelyn returns on the 6th episode. Cute.

1:37 - Pffft. Typical women...thinking they can rear and go as they please!!!

1:40 - Leonard (the lawyer) thinks the Mom has the better custody case.


1:44 - Evelyn: "If we're lucky, we can make the midnight flight to London"

1:45 - Dad just charmed Evelyn with a purple sock puppet....I think things could be turning!!!

1:48 - Evelyn changes her mind.

MORAL - Men make better single parents.

EPISODE 7 - The Great Computer Caper

1:52 - Ricky and Dad ride on in on the train, straight from a fishing trip.

1:53 - New video game addition to the arcade : SWAMP WARS.

1:54 - WHOA!! Gary Coleman guest star! And he's playing Arnold. He's at Ricky's to do a school newspaper story on Ricky's computer skills.

1:56 - Arnold's paper is called "The Pecker" (Short for Woodpecker). Seriously, this show is perverted.

1:57 - Ricky's computer looks like a retarded ColecoVision. Uh oh...he just hacked into a classified military database.

2:00 - FBI show up at Ricky's.

2:02 - Ricky has to squat down to hide ... Arnold can hide while standing up.

2:04 - Uh...something awkward just happened. Arnold held up his arms as a way of saying "EUREKA!" and Rick Shoreder thought he was trying to hug him, so he went in for a hug, but then stopped. Poor little Gary has to deal with that situation a lot, I bet. :(

2:08 - Arnold and Ricky take cover as cabin boys on a cheese ship.

2:11 - The Captain cleverly tells Arnold and Ricky a little anecdote that makes them homesick.

MORAL - Honesty is the best policy.

EPISODE 8 - I'm Just Wild About Harry

2:19 - This episode is about Bigfoot...

2:21 - Ricky is sneaking out at night to do some discovering. He ends up in a graveyard. Jason Bateman is there to surprise him.

2:24 - Whoa. An orangutan is playing an harmonica on a gravestone. Dude, orangutans are so ugly.

2:30 - Anything that the orangutan does the audience laughs at. He's like the Olsen twins on Full House. I wonder if there are two of him on set too??

2:34 - It kinda looks like Ruth Gordon...but younger, and more vibrant.

2:36 - UGHH!! What a disgusting creature!!

2:38 - The monkey's owner shows up. Oh comes FAKE RICKY TEARS!!!

2:41 - Ricky gives the monkey his Yankee cap as a parting gift. Sweet! A monkey in a Yankee cap! Just like the dorks that wear them in real life!

MORAL - Monkeys don't make sensible house pets.


hobbes said...

"12:18 - Mr. T explains "no taxation without representation" in Ricky's class."

Yeah! I love this.

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