Tuesday, October 31, 2006


No, not: Patience, Persistence, & Pleasure.
Rather: Pier, Paolo, & Pasolini.

Like every good Marxist, one day, PPP popped up in bed and realized "what a crock!...this 'from each ability to each needs' is doo doo!". (I'm paraphrasing...ok, I'm fantasizing, and in English no less. I'm sure he was more like: "Ehhhh....mamma mia!....disa Marx esa stupido....HEY! 10 a-year olda servent boy....a bringa me my-a coffe-a.")

This revelation is lampooned in the first 5 minutes of his 1968 film Teorema.

An overhead shot of a dead factory, cuts to a reporter asking:

"So the boss just gave the workers the factory. Does this mean there will be no revolution afterall?"


"If the working class joins the rest of humanity, then what will you complain about?"

Chaos is happening, but nobody is working. Confusion. Looks of "what do we do now?" on faces.


"Can you answer these questions? .... Can you answer these questions?"


But like every good Marxist, PPP doesn't let the bourgeoisie off the hook.
The remainder of the film focuses on the former factory boss's home and family.

1 Wife
1 Housekeeper
2 Kids

1 mysterious houseguest

Terrence Stamp. He plays the very Christ-like houseguest that gets in the pants & minds of every household member.

And like every good Marxist, PPP envisions Christ as a commie...albeit, a blue-eyed, tight-panted, dog-loving, poetry reading commie, NOT the red-fanged, incest loving, cannibalistic, illiterate mouth breathers they actually were (HA-HA!!).

(and how come Marxists had to choose Karl? Why not Groucho?? Now THAT would be a philosophy I could undertsand.....but it explains why they have no sense of humor.)

So Terrence Christ works his way through the household, leaving everyone in eternal distress when he's finally gone (kinda like the real Christ!)

The funniest moment is his seduction of the housekeeper.
She's outside, trimming bushes, and eyes TC lounging in a chair, legs spread, reading some Rimbaud. She fears her earrings may be too "bourgeoise" for his worker's party c*ck, so she runs inside, takes off her earrings, mugs a homely face, then runs back outside to push a lawnmower. But her pose gets no riposte. This generates a tear, a lonely tear, captured in extreme close-up. Triple P wasn't known as being a humorist, but this scene is so over-the-top, I can't see how anyone except...well, Marxists...wouldn't laugh.

I'm going long...and I'm startintg to ramble. That's a sign that I should eject. And I gotta work too....so I should wrap this up.

here goes: there's much more to the movie so just rent it if you wanna see what happens basically the daughter is hospitialized there is some levitation and the father gets naked and walks through the desert and screams and then it says FIN....

I say it too.....


Monday, October 30, 2006


You would have been 76 today...

They say you died of lymphoma, but I like to think
you're on an island with Biggie, Otis Redding, & Sam Peckinpah.
Out where the big hearts roam.


The Fire Within (1963)
Viva Maria! (1965)
Murmur of the Heart (1971)
Pretty Baby (1978)
Atlantic City (1980)
Au Revoir, Les Enfants (1987)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Thanks for stuff like this...


I've been obsessed with this guy for awhile.
I just now - 5 minutes ago - looked up his name.
Pierre Clementi.

Those 60's Italian and French films had a corral of good looking men & women that they always pulled from, yet I can never remember one from the other in that mush in my brain.
I mean, there are actors than burn in your brain on first sight:
...Brigette Bardot, Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve...

Poor Euro males.
When you have to share screen time with 3 of the hottest chicks ever,
who's gonna remember you?????

Back to Pierre...
One of the funniest roles he played was in Belle Du Jour.
He wears what looks like a 1960's French version of a "grill".
And Catherine Deneuve just can't get enough of him.
(Maybe Paul Wall's onto something.)
And his cheek bones won't allow him a bad haircut.
I mean, look above....I could never pull that mop off!
But he looks like an angel.